Another response to the BJP

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Festival Fever




A Town Called Altrincham

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Looking forward: Format Festival


Highlights of 2012


Disruptive Desires

Gabrielle d'Estrées et une de ses soeurs

My response to Brian Sewell



Karen Cinema

The story of a photo I put on facebook


A few dancing pics…

Teddy Boys

The Wonderful World of Kezia Argue



The future is out of focus

My first bit of journalism

I took some lovely grainy film on a day out to Brighton…

I better get blogging!

Sun sculptures

Experimenting with Photography

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Watch the Birdie…

Happy New Year!

Reflections of 2011


Exhibition Listings Nov/Dec

A little gem

Dad (1 of 1)-2

The Apocalypse

installationshot (1 of 1)

The show’s over…

Momento Mori

Ways of Seeing

Picture Perfect

Best of Voies Off #3: Tilby Vattard

Best of Voies Off #2: Heather McDonough

Best of Voies Off #1: Michael Schnabel

Another year, Another Arles; Part 2

Another year, Another Arles; Part 1

Image of the week #15

Image of the week #14

An excuse to brush up on my Italian

Image of the week #13

If you don’t ask, you don’t get…

Image of the week #12

Slideshows ARE the new black

Right Royal Campers

Image of the week #11

Image of the week #10

Image of the week #9… and then some.

Image of the week #8

Charity Print Auction for Japan

Street Photography; How to lose friends and alienate people.

Image of the week #8

kezia 001

Image of the week #7

Unfortunate Events

Image of the week #6

Look what I found!

Image of the week #5

Image of the week #4

Last Chance to see…

Hipstamatics only getting Hipper…

Image of the week #3

Having a LAF

lena (104 of 124)

Image of the week #2

Image of the week #1

elysee (2 of 3)

A New Year, a New(ish) Blog…

My pick of exhibitions 2010

Superhero Grandma

Little furry objects make me smile

Salon ’10 @ Four Corners


LIP Annual Exhibition

A Pregnant Pause

A world of fairytales

Switzerland vs the World

To blog, or not to blog?

Little London Observationist


Lost not found

Brixton People @ Brixton Splash

Les Voies Off

The Analogue Trail

The Rock Trail

The Argentinian Trail

Les Rencontres d’Arles

Bite! Magazine


FLIPpin ‘eck!

Turning the clocks back… for a hairstyle shoot.

Valentine’s Day 2010

Brixton People: Day 4

Brixton People: Day 3

Brixton People: Day 2

Brixton People: Day 1

My name in lights

Walking on Clouds

Brixton People

Welcome to 2010!

Hulaboogie Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Brixton People

Brixton People

A little decadence…

4 July

An Indian Spring

A little strobist practice

Women in Photography; South of the River

Valentine’s Day

Xmas Pics

Printing 60 Year Old Negs

Flashy Halloween


The Beginning